Takeover animals on the premises

Before receiving telephone is required prior ev. see email communication. Contacts.


When receiving body of animals will be made by weighing the administration and assignment of identification of stainless steel, which will accompany the body all the time until the handover of ashes owners. If interested, you can choose additional services.

The base price of cremation by weight of the body is a cardboard box which is required for further manipulation with the body, and a plastic urn. Ie. that when you do not choose any of the additional or extra services, you pay only the price indicated in the price list in the "Basic cremation."

Saving animals in cold storage until the cremation

On the premises we have a cooling box designed to store the bodies of animals until the cremation. Saving animals body in a cooler must be used in the event that the cremation day other than the day of receipt.

Preparation of the animals prior to the cremation

The pet is placed in a cardboard box along with an identification mark on request lined satin lining see. price list.

Last farewell to animal friends

In our premises, we will enable you last farewell with pets in the farewell room where you can monitor the holiday insertion of the body into the cremation facilities and the commencement of cremation, you could see that the empty combustion chamber cremation facilities were introduced only body of your pet and that it is an individual cremation. This service is provided free of charge.

Custom cremation

Individual cremation takes place in our cremation facility located on the premises. The combustion process takes place at very high temperatures, where there is complete combustion of the body. The output is the ash weighing about 3-5% of the initial body weight. Pet is inserted into the cremation facilities as well as a cardboard box, ev. padding and identification mark. After the cremation ash is completely taken out, watered and placed in a plastic box fitted with basic information about the owner. If you choose to place any of our decorative urns, ashes will be placed in urns that you have selected, ev. It is part of the ash removed for embedding památečního glass pendant or inserted into the customer's choice.

Handing urns owner

Basic, ev. Garnish of your choice, the urn containing the ashes after cremation pass owner or send it by mail.

Premium services

The extra services beyond the enumerated provide individual agreement.

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