We offer a comprehensive collateral requirements associated with the cremation of animals / dogs, cats, rodents, birds, reptiles etc./ with minimum time burden owner ie. The execution of administrative formalities with the owner, saving the animal into a special container, providing transportation from the owner to our establishment, design your own cremation, storage of ash into the base or selected urns, urns import or send it by mail to the owner.

Partial services:

      - 24 hours Telephone service receiving orders
      - Převozová service dead animals - exit from Olomouc to 5 pm. Převozové from ordering our services, ev. acceptance of animals from the owner at an agreed time
      - Self imports allowed its owner
      - Saving animals in special packing
      - Completion of all administrative formalities with the owner of the animals in our premises in Olomouc, in case we provided transport of animals is possible to arrange the administrative formalities at the place of residence of the owner critters
      - Saving animals in cold storage until cremation or only temporary storage
      - Perform cremation in our cremation equipment
      - Wide range of urns
      - Sealing the ash into glass object památečního
      - Making laser fired portraits
      - Making synthetic diamond from the ashes or hair
      - Pouring the ashes into jewelry, pendants, etc.
      - Supply, import or sending urns containing the ashes to the address of the owner
      - Taking digital photos of preparations before cremation animals
      - Allowing the last farewell to our shop

The extra services beyond the enumerated provide individual agreement.

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