About us

Let us imagine the firm. ANYT Crematory. You can find us in Olomouc Chválkovice the street Libušina No. 342/97 within the firm. ZOT / OLPRAMem between the area and the Czech Army /. 49 ° 35'59.385 "N, 17 ° 17'27.311" E.

We are the second establishment of this kind in Moravia, the fifth in the country.

What prompted us to provide these for some very special services? As a long-time breeders of pets we have for each of them formed a very close relationship. Pet for us has always been a close friend. Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever, and like many other breeders we had to solve how to say goodbye to our friend on his last journey. Leaving the dead animals to the vet, knowing that the end to waste rendering plant, was unacceptable to us. The very definition of a dead animal's body as waste is horrible. Who knows the operation of the processing plant and had his animal friend really liked the animals in the body of this device can never be. It is an undertaking in which harmlessly processed fallen stock (carcasses) economic breeding of a companion animal, slaughterhouse waste and other waste products of animal origin. Collection of waste is ensured by special-volume cars. After that everything is ground in a destructor, which under high pressure and temperature all animal waste boiled to a mass from which the press is separated fat, which is also industrially processed and bone meal, which is the main product of rendering plants and used as additional fuel to cement kilns.

Legal burial in the country since 2014 year, and almost impossible for breeders who do not have huge land excluded. The only acceptable solution for us was therefore leave pet cremated. And here the idea was born to build a crematorium animals and simultaneously began a long road to receiving numerous permits and approvals from government authorities. However it must be noted that we have in most cases met with friendliness and sympathy from the authorities. The biggest problem was finding a suitable space for the location of the plant. It was important that the establishment is located in the availability of public transport, while its location was not in conflict with the land-use plan Olomouc. Suitable space was found at the above address.

We believe that we are able to create a place where you plant personnel to cope with the loss of your animal friend.


With this fence Týně founded our company.

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